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The International Journal of Telecommunications (IJT) is the leading international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal for the field of telecommunications, sensors, and guidance/radar studies. Its mission is to publish leading-edge innovative research that significantly advances on the science and technology of telecommunications, sensors, and guidance/radar. Published two times a year it presents new knowledge on its related areas online by Air Defense College (ADC). It is offered a discount on the article processing charges by the journal members and reviewers who provide timely thorough peer-review reports. The International Journal of Telecommunications (IJT) welcomes work from scholars worldwide. All work must meet a high standard in content, structure, and language and is assessed for relevance, originality, and quality through a rigorous peer review process. It is important for each submission to the journal is that there is a direct focus on the fields of journal scope.

Current Issue: Volume 04, Issue 02, July 2024 

Automatic recommendations and pricing system for computing devices

Pages 1-10

Mohamed Refaat Mohaned Abdellah; Hossam Gamal; Asaad Hassan

A proposed heart disease diagnosis based on Deep learning.

Pages 1-12

Mohamed Ebrahim ELBouridy; Amira Salah EL-Batouty; Marwa E Samara; Wael Abouelwafa Ahmed; Mohamed Ahmed Massoud